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Implement new solutions without the headache. Be a step ahead of the rest.

Live Sessions Held Every Month with Jeri Murphy, International Xero Ecosystem Trainer

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    Choose Your Industry of Interest

    Each Add-On that connects to Xero serves a specific purpose. Most solutions are industry specific or are built with helping a certain type of business in mind. Which industry do you need to find a solution for?

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    Register for Free Training

    Each month your trainer, Jeri Murphy, prepares live training on a specific Xero Add-On solution. The aim of the training: learn everything you need to know to run a business as best as possible using Xero and that Add-On. All training is delivered in an easy-to-understand and ready-to-use format.

It’s my aim in life to pass on all the knowledge I gain from implementing and using Add-On solutions with Xero to an EXPERT level. The software solutions don’t need to or can’t do the expert level training you need to use the system to it’s full potential. Skip the back and forth support emails and get the answers NOW! Emplower yourself and your staff with the knowledge from someone who has used the solution and knows what you need to know.

Jeri Murphy, Xero Ecosystem Trainer